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Anonymous Hackers Target BART – Private Information Revealed

Underground hacking group Anonymous continues to dole out their brand of internet justice.

Last week, BART requested that cell phone providers turn off cell phone service at one particular station in San Francisco’s public transportation system due to an anticipated protest popping up in the area.  The cell phone providers apparently complied.

Needless to say, bloggers and San Franciscans were unhappy at this heavy handed move and now Anonymous has jumped into the fray.

Tonight, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Anonymous hacked into the website and revealed the names and passwords of more than 2,000 users.  A BART spokesperson stated that the website is unrelated to the operation of BART itself and is operated by a private company.  The website was also “defaced” and adorned with Anonymous’ tell tale logo.

As of this post, the myBART site is still down.  When one visits the web address, only this message appears: “This site is currently under renovation.”

The lesson is to be careful who on the web has your private information.  Also, as these types of attacks become more prevalent, it is important for companies to have a written policy should an attack occur that complies with state and federal law.


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