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The Hits Keep on Coming for Righthaven

The Righthaven story has been documented on this blog and elsewhere for good reason.  Essentially, following the “patent troll” model, Righthaven started entering into agreements with newspaper publishers to find people infringing on the newspaper’s copyrights and bring suit against the alleged infringers.  If successful in Court or with a settlement, Righthaven would then pay a portion of the proceeds to the publisher.  One mistake Righthaven made when commencing these suits is that they did not own and were not a licensee of the copyrighted works.  As such, Righthaven had no standing to bring claims for copyright infringement.

Now comes word that one of Righthaven’s biggest customers will not be renewing their agreement (via with Righthaven when it expires at the end of the month.  Not only that, but NewsMedia Group’s (which publishes more than 50 newspapers) new CEO said if he were CEO at the time, he would have never signed a deal with Righthaven.  As reported by, new CEO John Paton said (regarding the Righthaven deal):

“I come from the idea that it was a dumb idea from the start.”

Righthaven’s woes continue and not many are too upset about that.

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