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Five For Friday: The Waterlogged Edition

The torrential rains in the DC area this past week culminated with a late night escapade amidst a driving rain into my home’s crawl space to pump about a foot of water.

That being said, we never lost internet connectivity (through that, Irene, or the earthquake), so we are able to present this week’s Five For Friday.

First, it is becoming increasingly clear that (for better or for worse) IP addresses are not the silver bullet in identifying potential infringers accused of unlawfully downloading copyrighted works.  It will be interesting to see if the industries’ strategy changes course.

Second, a new week = a new social media platform.  This one, Mightybell is counter-intuitive.  Here is why.

Third, we have blogged about Groupon’s IPO issues connected with a memorandum written by its CEO.  Now we have learned that Groupon is the subject of a class action suit by its employees.

Fourth, here is an odd story with serious consequences (for a small company).  A restaurant was listed in a phone book (people still use phone books?) under Animal Carcass Removal – an apparent act of revenge by one of the phone book company’s employees when he was mistreated by the restaurant.  Unfortunately for the phone book company it looks as though the infamous Section 230 defense will be unavailable.

Fifth, for those who have an open wifi network, here is a good rundown of things you should be thinking about.  Could you be liable for contributory copyright infringement?

Please enjoy your weekend and remember those who left us on 9/11 ten years ago.

I should have more tomorrow and Sunday (and maybe later if time allows).

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