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Update: Internet Service Restored After Centre Sues Verizon

It took a lawsuit, but Centre’s internet is finally back up and running.

As many readers are familiar with, my law firm, Centre Law Group LLC, sued Verizon Business in an attempt to finally get our internet service restored (to read the previous post, click here).  I received a steady stream of e-mails on the suit from blog readers new and old alike.  Most were supportive, but a couple thought this was another example of a trigger-happy lawyer.  As I explained in detail in the previous post, bringing a lawsuit is not something I take lightly.  As I said:

Like I always counsel my clients, a lawsuit should be a last resort – only when all other options have failed.  Litigation can be difficult, costly, and even destructive.  Of course, there are times when a company or person has no choice, but to ask the Courts for help.  In those times, lawyers have to be fully prepared to file a suit and vindicate the rights of their clients – or themselves.

The lack of internet and lack of answers was beginning to take a toll on the firm.  Firm employees were constantly shuttling between their homes and offices so they could meet clients and each other.  Hours were being wasted trying to hound Verizon to come up with a solution.   The breaking point was when Verizon told us they essentially had no idea: (1) why the internet was not working and (2) when it would be working again.  We escalated the issue as high as we could when dealing through the maze of phone numbers, options, and departments within Verizon.

We could not go on any longer and needed to take action.

So, after a week of questioning whether we would ever get our internet back and with no assurance from Verizon, the suit was filed.  Our employees (including me) spent over 30 hours on the phone (most of them on hold) troubleshooting the issue.  Yet, Verizon was still unable to track down the root of the problem.  In fact, Verizon admitted that the connection issue remained at their central office and was affecting other Northern Virginia-area businesses like Centre, but still were unable to fix it (after wasting precious time initially trying to blame Centre for the issue).

Centre’s T1 internet service was finally restored after we filed the lawsuit against Verizon Business. Losing internet service for any period of time can be detrimental to a business as it affects their ability to operate normally, thus affecting that business’ clients as well.  Even though we successfully got our internet service restored, we still feel this was an unacceptable amount of time to wait with no answers.  However, with the repair of our service and our overriding objective reached, Centre will move on and seek to dismiss the case.

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