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Quick Hit: Is Your Information Safe When Heading to a Bar?

Many bars today scan the identification of every person who enters.  Purportedly this scan is to protect the bar from being busted for allowing underage drinkers.

Now comes word from USA Today that bars may be using your information for other purposes also.

For instance, as noted in the article:

The system also photographs the customer and the ID , and provides information about the customer’s history at the venue, Perry says. Then a computer database shares that newly collected information with other area bars.

Not only that, but as the article notes, there is no promise made by the bars scanning your ID that they will not use that information to market to you or even worse, sell your information to third-parties.  Information can be pooled into a database for insurance companies who could then use the information to decide whether to insure you or to potential employers.  Under current law, there seems to be no limit.

It is not realistic to ask the bouncer scanning your ID what their privacy policy is, so if this concerns you, avoid bars that scan your ID.

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