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Where are you? Someone usually knows.

Geolocation technology is about to take center stage.

For the uninitiated, Geolocation technology involves tracking where people are based on their interaction with devices and the internet.

For example, today did you drive to work and use an EZ Pass?  Or a fare card when taking public transportation?

Did you charge something?  Did you use an App that utilizes your location?

Someone knows where you are nearly all the time.

Companies utilizing Geolocation technology face unique challenges about what they could or should do with that data and crafting agreements with their users that will enable to utilize the data in a way that does not violate a patchwork of federal and state laws governing this information.

Apple and Microsoft have been sued for collecting or utilizing Geolocation data without receiving consent from their customers.

A case will be heard by the Supreme Court this term in which it will consider the extent to which the Government can track an individual without their knowledge or consent.

This issue will take front and center stage soon and it is important to stay up to date.

We will have more on this soon.

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