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Sen. Schumer Calls for Investigation of OnStar

The OnStar privacy debacle lives on.

Now Sen. Schumer is calling for the FTC to investigate Onstar (via The Hill) for recent changes to their privacy policy (which takes affect December 1).

These changes as detailed here and here, involve the following (from The Hill):

OnStar sent emails to its customers earlier this month notifying them that the company would continue to track the location of vehicles even after customers cancel their OnStar service. People must contact the company to opt-out of the program. OnStar also said it was reserving its right to sell driver data to third parties.

Schumer also wrote (via The Hill):

“Your recent announcement that you would continue, by default, to collect data on subscribers who had terminated their service and that you retained the right to distribute that data to third parties is a violation of the trust your customers put in you,” he wrote.

We will continue to monitor this ongoing situation.  We will see if the value of the data OnStar collects is worth more than this headache and cancelled accounts.


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