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Breaking: OnStar Partially Reverses Privacy Policy – Issues Remain

OnStar has received tremendous backlash for changes to their privacy policy (which is detailed here, here, and here).

Now, it appears they have reversed the part of their new privacy policy that would have required customers to opt-out of being tracked even after canceling their service.

Issue remain, however.

Most troubling is this (via

The company notably did not say it would reverse its plans to be able to sell data collected from existing subscribers, however.  The GM unit could track a vehicle’s speed, for example, as well as its location.  Though OnStar officials insist they currently have no plans to do so, such data might be sold to a marketer interested in reaching motorists who might be passing a shopping mall, or to pitch a nearby brand of gasoline.

Despite assertions  to the contrary from OnStar, it appears they can still enter into marketing agreements to share their customer’s information.

We’ll continue to monitor this situation.

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