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Pandora is Faced with a Class Action Lawsuit

Pandora, the popular internet radio website in which you can personalize your own stations by listening preference, is facing the threat of a class action lawsuit in Michigan. The charge is being led by Michigan resident Peter Deacon, who claims that Pandora is breaching customer privacy.

Deacon’s claim is that Pandora is making user’s profile pages publicly available, which includes their favorite songs and listening history. And, according to the lawsuit, all of this is searchable online and linked to your Facebook account.

All of these claims are said to violate Michigan’s Video Rental Privacy Act and Consumer Protection Act. The Act, which was enacted in 1988, was established to prohibit the disclosure of certain kinds of consumer records. The original drafters of the Act stated that personal online information offers, “a window into our loves, likes, and dislikes,” and that “the trail of information by every transaction that is now recorded and stored in sophisticated record-keeping systems is a new, more subtle and pervasive form of surveillance.”

Overall, the plaintiffs are seeking damages of $5,000 per person for the violation of their privacy rights.

The complaint, which was filed September 20, 2011, can be read here.

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