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Amazon’s New Silk Browser May be Doomed for a Lawsuit

Although the new Silk browser by Amazon has just been released on the eagerly anticipated Kindle Fire, there looks like there could be potential legal trouble for the new browser in the future. As Stephan Kinsella shows, they may run into some problems with copyright infringement. The main issue with the new browser is its “Amazon computer cloud” it developed to speed up web browsing. In order to operate properly, this “cloud” stores copies of files and images obtained from other websites, which most likely are covered by copyrights.

Another large issue with this system would be its prediction method. Simply stated, the browser attempts to predict what you are going to click on next based on a variety of user statistics. Once it has made this prediction, the browser automatically downloads the next link so that if/when you do click on it, the page will be brought up more quickly. This is just another example of how the new browser will store copyright files on their server.

This all makes sense from a technical standpoint. However, this does not mean that Amazon may not run into future legal trouble because of their storage of copyrighted images and files.

The video below shows Amazon engineers describing how the new Amazon Silk Browser works, which just became available on November 15 on the Kindle Fire.

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