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Righthaven continues to crumble…

We have tracked the Righthaven saga extensively in the past (yes each word opens to a different blog entry).

For the uninitiated, Righthaven “purchased” the rights to the copyrighted works of several newspapers.  When individuals/organizations posted those stories, Righthaven sued.  Righthaven received some paltry sums from a few folks here and there, but others began to fight back and Righthaven began to lose when it was discovered they did not have standing to sue.

Righthaven’s fortunes spiraled downward when it was ordered to pay the attorneys’ fees for a Defendant that successful fought back.  Because Righthaven could not afford to pay the fees, its own domain name was auctioned off.

Now comes word that its copyright holdings (whatever they’re worth) will be auctioned as well.  It’s a slow and painful death, but one worth noting.

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