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More Not So Funny Junk: We Bite Back

Off of last week’s popular blog post about The Oatmeal v. Funny Junk/Charles Carreon saga, things have devolved even further.  In fact, there is even a Wikipedia page describing the mosh pit of demand letters, threats, and lawsuits.  We have references to Nazis, suits against the Attorney General, and well known figures entering the fray.

I could give a recitation of everything that happened over the last week, but I would be doubling the work done by The Pope Hat and Ars Technica, among others.

First, Mr. Carreon expanded his suit to now include the California Attorney General.  This is starting to remind me of those pro se prisoner suits that name the President and ever government official (elected and unelected imaginable) because they are desperate or have taken leave of their senses.  Mr. Carreon even filed a TRO seeking to prevent the funds raised for charity from being distributed.  See also this and this.

Second, Charles Carreon’s wife has gone on the attack calling their detractors “Nazis” and linking Matthew Inman to the individual who attempted to assassinate Congresswoman Giffords.  The money quote:

There is now plenty of proof that Matt Inman is one of a gang of people who promote the same type of ideas that inspired Jared Loughner to try and kill Gabrielle Giffords. Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who studies hate groups and hate speech, examined Loughner’s sites and concluded that his material on grammar, in particular, likely came from the writings of far right activist David Wynn Miller. If you Google Matt Inman + grammar, you will find a similar obsession. And similar hate.

It is a very serious business to send out another call to the Tucson whackos who subscribe to what can simply be described as an “Illuminati” type philosophy to act out their hate on their enemies.

Dan Gibson has a lot of guilt on his shoulders for trying to magnetize another hate response in Tucson. He should be fired right now!

Third, then there’s this.

Fourth, an anonymous blogger started a satirical blog.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Carreon threatened suit against the blogger and wrote to seeking to unmask the blogger. Paul Alan Levy of Public Citizen (who was a fellow panelist at a recent ABA Conference) has now brought a declaratory suit (in PDF via against Carreon seeking a declaration that the anonymous blogger’s actions did not violate trademark law.  Ars has its take here.  A good rundown of everything is here (via Popehat).  This who bizarre set of circumstances is leaving some to wonder whether Carreon “punked” into revealing the name of the anonymous blogger.


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