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MegaUpload Previously Assisted Prosecutors

We have previously blogged about the Megaupload saga which has affected all its 50 million users with possible data loss and some with prosecution.  And who could forget its larger than life founder Kim Dotcom?  Now comes word that before MegaUpload was being prosecuted by the US Government, it helped the Government prosecute a smaller file sharing service that used MegaUpload’s servers.

According to an article in Wired, MegaUpload responded to a subpoena that helped the Government prosecute (and eventually shut down) NinjaVideo and its founders.  According to Wired, in an interesting twist:

Megaupload responded as “good corporate citizens,” said Ira Rothken, who represents founder Kim Dotcom. The company kept the warrant a secret and turned over information on the alleged NinjaVideo operators, as well as database information on the 39 pirated movies detailed in the warrant. The NinjaVideo probe led to the indictment of the five top NinjaVideo administrators, including founder Hana Beshara, on charges similar to those now faced by Dotcom and other Megaupload operators.

In the Government’s revised indictment of MegaUpload, prosecutors point to this subpoena as further evidence of MegaUpload’s misdeeds alleging that even after MegaUpload responded to the subpoena, it left up the offending videos with full knowledge that they were infringing on copyrights.

In other news, Gabon has seized a new domain name Kim Dotcom was going to use for his MegaUpload follow-on service.  Dotcom alleges this was due to pressure from the U.S. Government.

We’ll continue to monitor this case as it evolves.

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