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Breaking: John McAfee May Have Been Captured (Or Maybe Not)

John McAfee’s blog continues to be an interesting read.  Just last night, his blog reported that he may have been capture near the border with Mexico and Belize.  Now, Belize police deny these reports (or at least the police station closest to his home). More details…

Just yesterday, CNN interviewed McAfee in an undisclosed location.  In the interview, McAfee says he is so fearful of the Belize authorities that “he carries up to a dozen disposable cell phones at one time. He estimates he has gone through 200 since he fled more than three weeks ago.”  (h/t CNN)  CNN also described the extreme security measures McAfee had the CNN go through in order to connect with him.

As readers of this blog may remember, Mr. McAfee is suspected by Belize authorities of murdering his neighbor.  Since that time, Mr. MacAfee has fled, but has blogged the entire time – describing his whereabouts (after the fact).  He has also used his blog to discuss life inside Belize and take shots at some of his critics.  More importantly, Mr. McAfee has used the blog to provide evidence that a former employee was plotting to kill him and then plant explosives at his home.

We will continue to monitor this as reports come in.

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