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Want to get hired by Google? A look inside the process…

The Washington Post had an interesting look into Google’s unique hiring practices today coupled with photos taken from inside its Manhattan offices.

Hiring is always a dicey proposition.  Hiring the wrong person can be costly in a number of ways: the search process is expensive, training is expensive, and bad employees can try to destroy a company from within by stealing trade secrets or revealing private company information.

Google, of course, uses analytics to determine how best to find the right job candidates.  The have, for instance, determined that the correct amount of interviews for a candidate is four (though they sometimes have someone come in for a fifth interview for their own internal training purposes).  Most striking is that Google uses a panel of different employees and not proposed co-workers or direct supervisors when vetting a candidate because the folks at Google feel that non-stakeholders will be less biased.

The Washington Post story has a few more interesting nuggets and I encourage everyone to take a look.  Could an Amazon profile be far behind?

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