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Want to get hired by Google? A look inside the process…

The Washington Post had an interesting look into Google’s unique hiring practices today coupled with photos taken from inside its Manhattan offices.

Hiring is always a dicey proposition.  Hiring the wrong person can be costly in a number of ways: the search process is expensive, training is expensive, and bad employees can try to destroy a company from within by stealing trade secrets or revealing private company information.

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Aaron Swartz’ Case Highlights Imperfect Legal System

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) is a powerful weapon in a prosecutor’s arsenal.  Though imperfect in some ways, it provides a way for citizens and the Government to seek redress for wrongs that previously had no crime attached to them.  Much has been made of the Department of Justice’s prosecution of Mr. Swartz in the wake of his death.

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Out On a Limb: Legal Pitfalls for Affiliate Marketers

Regular readers of this blog know that I will be speaking at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas on Tuesday, January 14th.  In advance of my presentation, I thought I would give you a sneak preview.  There are some good lessons for all companies – whether Internet based or not.

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Breaking: John McAfee Arrested

The AP is reporting that John McAfee has been arrested by Guatemalan police for entering the country illegally.  More details…

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John McAfee Seeking Asylum in Guatemala

On his blog, John McAfee announced that he is seeking asylum in Guatemala.  Mr. McAfee will be holding a press conference this afternoon when he will take questions.  Mr. McAfee’s latest string of posts on his blog gives more information about his whereabouts over the last few days, contains a messages to the family of Gregory Faull (who was murdered), and details what Ms. McAfee’s planned next steps.  Finally, Mr. McAfee posts a pictures and information about two of his friends he says are wrongfully being held by Belize authoritiesRead more

Eric Crusius to Speak at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Some good news to report: I will be speaking at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas next month.

For more information on Affiliate Summit (which will be January 13-15, 2013), go here and for more information on my session (entitled “How Affiliate Marketers Can Avoid Legal Pitfalls”) go here.

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Breaking: John McAfee May Have Been Captured (Or Maybe Not)

John McAfee’s blog continues to be an interesting read.  Just last night, his blog reported that he may have been capture near the border with Mexico and Belize.  Now, Belize police deny these reports (or at least the police station closest to his home). More details…

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Casey Movers Demonstrates How Not to Handle a Bad Online Review

It is inevitable in the lifespan of any company, it will receive bad reviews online.  While the source of those negative reviews can be from competitors or trolls, most often those reviews come from legitimate customers with gripes.  Casey Movers did numerous other businesses a favor and offered a lesson on what happens when you address a legitimate online review that is negative the wrong way.

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Now That the Cyber Security Act of 2012 Was Defeated, What is Next?

Congress has a lot of important work to do in this “lame duck” session including the important task of avoiding the “fiscal cliff” (which I have previously spoken about).  Just as important is developing and passing legislation to marshal government and private resources to help prevent critical networks (belonging to both the Government and industry) from being hacked.

Unfortunately that will not happen this legislative session.

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MegaUpload Previously Assisted Prosecutors

We have previously blogged about the Megaupload saga which has affected all its 50 million users with possible data loss and some with prosecution.  And who could forget its larger than life founder Kim Dotcom?  Now comes word that before MegaUpload was being prosecuted by the US Government, it helped the Government prosecute a smaller file sharing service that used MegaUpload’s servers.

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