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Gerry Rogers Removed From Assembly – The Dark Side of Social Media

I was perusing Techdirt, as I often do, and read a story I simply couldn’t  ignore about a Canadian politician who was removed from assembly for something that she simply did not do.  Gerry Rogers, a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly, was removed from Assembly when it was learned that she was part of a Facebook group targeting Premier Kathy Dunderdale called “Kathy Dunderdale must GO!!!”.  The group page evidently contained death threats regarding Dunderdale.  Rogers denied joining this group, saying that she was added to the group without her knowledge.

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If You Can Read This, You Might Just Have to Sue Someone…

How long did it take for this page to load?  Not fast enough for you?  Well you might just have a potential lawsuit on your hands.

While my cynical humor may seem funny to some and sad to others, it also has grains of truth.  In this age of digital consumer sophistication and the debate over net neutrality some consumers have taken to the Courts to enforce ISP speed and bandwidth claims.

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FTC v. Epic Marketplace: It’s not paranoia if…

Remember that Rockwell song from the 80’s: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…”?  Chances are, while you were online, Epic Marketplace was.  Earlier today the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached a settlement with Epic Marketplace that required that company to stop “datasniffing” websurfers’ browsing and destroy records gained by doing so.  Find the Consent Order here.

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Casey Movers Demonstrates How Not to Handle a Bad Online Review

It is inevitable in the lifespan of any company, it will receive bad reviews online.  While the source of those negative reviews can be from competitors or trolls, most often those reviews come from legitimate customers with gripes.  Casey Movers did numerous other businesses a favor and offered a lesson on what happens when you address a legitimate online review that is negative the wrong way.

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Don’t Be Caught Surprised: Internet Law Now Touches Every Aspect of Businesses

What is Internet law?

I get that question a lot.  When you think of it, the Internet and the law the governs has pervaded society over the last ten years and its expansion and this integration will continue.  This will be especially true for businesses – hence the name for this blog.  Below the jump are some examples of common trends and issues:

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Defamed on the Internet? What is your road map?

Often times companies and individuals do not realize the immense problems caused by Internet defamation until it’s too late.  Whether anonymous or not, these types of posts can equate to your defamer buying billboard space or television advertising space and filling the air time with dangerous lies.  When I field calls from potential clients and clients alike, I am always asked what the road map is to alleviating the issue.  Here are some basic tips that may be applicable to your situation:

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More Not So Funny Junk: We Bite Back

Off of last week’s popular blog post about The Oatmeal v. Funny Junk/Charles Carreon saga, things have devolved even further.  In fact, there is even a Wikipedia page describing the mosh pit of demand letters, threats, and lawsuits.  We have references to Nazis, suits against the Attorney General, and well known figures entering the fray.

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Not Much Funny About This Junk

Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary – like in the photo attached to this post (which I took while traveling in Australia this past winter).  People ask why in society we need disclaimers preventing behavior that would seem obvious and unnecessary to 99.999999% of the population.  The next time someone complains about unnecessary disclaimers to me, I will point them to this post about the online and now legal saga between (Funny Junk) , (The Oatmeal), and attorney Charles Carreon (who, according to, is a self-proclaimed “counsel to the good and the good looking“).  I guess homely evil-doers need not apply.  Yes, I’m talking to you Kim Jong-un.

To many, lawyers have a sketchy reputation.  Just recently, we’ve had lawyers as prostitutes [insert lawyer joke here], lawyers planting drugs on an elementary school volunteer, and possibly even as murderers.  Now we have lawyers suing charities.  Wonderful.

How did we get to a lawyer suing charities including the American Cancer Society (especially one with a storied and successful career)?  Read more below.

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Julia Allison’s Defamation Problem and Overzealous Father

Take one self-promoting pseudo-celebrity (Julia Allison), a heavy handed attorney who happens to be her father (Peter Baugher), vocal internet critics, mix them all together and what do you get?

A you-know-what storm erupts.

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Author Who Claims Trump is Millionaire Prevails in Defamation Lawsuit by Trump

Not necessarily on-point for this blog, but fascinating nonetheless.

Who doesn’t know The Donald?

Man of “Reality” TV.  Man of failing New Jersey casinos.  Man of failed Trump branded projects. Man of a fake Presidential election campaign.

Real birtherFake billionaire.  Real lawsuit…

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