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FTC Amends Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)

For those of you not familiar with COPPA, the FTC passed the act in 1998 and it is designed to help protect the personally identifiable information of Internet users under the age of 13 and gives parents control over the information companies collect online from their children.  COPPA specifically applies to websites targeting children, but essentially applies to any site that a child could use that collects personally identifiable information.  The FTC is concerned with children’s privacy now more than ever with the increased use of social media and smartphone apps that use features such as geolocation.

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Is OnStar Spying On You?

Interesting blog post from Jonathan Zdziarski today that illustrates an example of the ongoing Geolocation issues which we have discussed here, here, here, and here.  I also gave a CLE presentation to the ABA on this issue.  Details here.

It seems that big brother (in this instance, GM) is watching you whether you like it or not.

Oh, and they reserved their right to sell what they learned from watching you to third-party marketers and law enforcement.

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New York State placed GPS device on employee’s privately owned car and fired him

As I had said last week, Geolocation issues are likely to burst onto the legal scene over the coming years as the technology becomes more ubiquitous and affordable.

Now we have the story (via Digital Trends) of a New York State employee being tracked in his own private car using a GPS device.

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Where are you? Someone usually knows.

Geolocation technology is about to take center stage.

For the uninitiated, Geolocation technology involves tracking where people are based on their interaction with devices and the internet.

For example, today did you drive to work and use an EZ Pass?  Or a fare card when taking public transportation?

Did you charge something?  Did you use an App that utilizes your location?

Someone knows where you are nearly all the time.

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Things you may have missed: interesting recent legal developments

Looking back at the blog, we have covered a wide range of subjects over the last few days.  Here are some highlights worth looking at that you may have missed:

Hope everyone has a good Thursday.  More to come soon.

Breaking: Microsoft Sued for Tracking Customers’ Locations Without Consent

A class action was brought today against Microsoft in federal court claiming that Windows Mobile phones tracked user locations after users had opted out of the option to be tracked.

Known as geolocation, such technology can be useful for customers and lucrative to companies who do the tracking because of the marketing opportunities such information generates.

As you may know, I presented on this issue to the ABA a few weeks ago.  We have obtained a copy of the complaint.  We will examine it and have more on this tomorrow.

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