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Facebook was tracking you after you logout. Are they still?

Facebook knows a lot more than you think. The popular social networking site has the ability to track your browsing history and you could accidentally share pages that you did not intend others to see. And, according to Nik Cubrilovic, this was still happening even when you’re logged out. Read more

Breaking: OnStar Partially Reverses Privacy Policy – Issues Remain

OnStar has received tremendous backlash for changes to their privacy policy (which is detailed here, here, and here).

Now, it appears they have reversed the part of their new privacy policy that would have required customers to opt-out of being tracked even after canceling their service.

Issue remain, however.

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Sen. Schumer Calls for Investigation of OnStar

The OnStar privacy debacle lives on.

Now Sen. Schumer is calling for the FTC to investigate Onstar (via The Hill) for recent changes to their privacy policy (which takes affect December 1).

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OnStar’s Privacy Debacle Leads to Misleading Refrain

We have already given an introduction to the OnStar privacy debacle here.

Now it appears they may have  a social media problem (which can be seen in full force by going to their Facebook wall here and to their Twitter account here) on their hands.

It also seems that to combat this outcry, they continue to misconstrue their own policy.

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Where are you? Someone usually knows.

Geolocation technology is about to take center stage.

For the uninitiated, Geolocation technology involves tracking where people are based on their interaction with devices and the internet.

For example, today did you drive to work and use an EZ Pass?  Or a fare card when taking public transportation?

Did you charge something?  Did you use an App that utilizes your location?

Someone knows where you are nearly all the time.

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Quick Hit: Is Your Information Safe When Heading to a Bar?

Many bars today scan the identification of every person who enters.  Purportedly this scan is to protect the bar from being busted for allowing underage drinkers.

Now comes word from USA Today that bars may be using your information for other purposes also.

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Teacher’s Naked Cyber Chat Exposed

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this story, so let’s just jump into it both feet first.

  1. School district’s laptop is stolen from the library.
  2. Student at school obtains laptop (but denies stealing it).
  3. Student sells laptop to unsuspecting widowed substitute teacher.
  4. Teacher uses laptop to carry out explicit video chats with a long distance boyfriend.

Now this is where the story gets interesting…

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Quick Hit: UK Backs Off Social Media Ban – Privacy Concerns Remain

Some good news coming out of the UK today: in the wake of the UK riots, the government threatened to cut off social media if it felt the need to do so for safety reasons.  It appears now they have backed off that threat (via Mashable).

Unfortunately, privacy issues remain as RIM (the maker of Blackberry) has agreed to provide information to the police in certain circumstances.

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