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Class Action Certified Against Papa John’s for Bad Spam (Not the Topping)

Papa John’s founder and CEO, John Schnatter, famously said recently that he will be forced to raise the price of pizza to pay for the Affordable Healthcare Act (widely known as ObamaCare).  Unfortunately for Papa John’s, that may not be the only expense that could raise the cost of their pizzas, as a federal court in Seattle approved a class action seeking $250 million against Papa John’s and others for sending unwanted text messages.

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Five for Friday: Internet Free Edition

Unfortunately, ever since Hurricane Irene, our office has not had internet service.  Apparently a card in Verizon’s central office blew out that affected our company and a few other businesses around the Tysons Corner area where our office is located.  Watching the three stooges over the past week trying to remedy the situation has been frustrating and time consuming.  The worst part is that Verizon essentially has no idea when internet service will be restored – it could even be weeks.  Needless to say, we cannot stand for something like that happening to us or to others and we took matters into our own hands.  More on that in the blog post following this one in a bit.

Also, my guest blog for Daniel Sharkov’s website appeared this week.  His site is great – offering a wealth of practical advice for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  My guest blog, which gives tips for lawsuit-free blogging is here.

Now, we of course, present our weekly Five for Friday post where we touch on five interesting internet law stories (and sometimes non-legal stories).

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