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Eric Crusius to Speak at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Some good news to report: I will be speaking at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas next month.

For more information on Affiliate Summit (which will be January 13-15, 2013), go here and for more information on my session (entitled “How Affiliate Marketers Can Avoid Legal Pitfalls”) go here.

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Digital Rights Management Issues Continue to Tangle Consumers

There was a time, long ago, when we bought something and it was ours.  We could use it, give it away, light it on fire… whatever, but it was ours.  Recently it came to be that something that was ours was also sort of somebody else’s (the recent Supreme Court Kelo case) – or something that was somebody else’s was kind of ours (the more venerable Supreme Court Sony Betamax case) (confused yet?).  Today, things that are ours, aren’t really ours at all.

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Breaking: John McAfee May Have Been Captured (Or Maybe Not)

John McAfee’s blog continues to be an interesting read.  Just last night, his blog reported that he may have been capture near the border with Mexico and Belize.  Now, Belize police deny these reports (or at least the police station closest to his home). More details…

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Casey Movers Demonstrates How Not to Handle a Bad Online Review

It is inevitable in the lifespan of any company, it will receive bad reviews online.  While the source of those negative reviews can be from competitors or trolls, most often those reviews come from legitimate customers with gripes.  Casey Movers did numerous other businesses a favor and offered a lesson on what happens when you address a legitimate online review that is negative the wrong way.

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Now That the Cyber Security Act of 2012 Was Defeated, What is Next?

Congress has a lot of important work to do in this “lame duck” session including the important task of avoiding the “fiscal cliff” (which I have previously spoken about).  Just as important is developing and passing legislation to marshal government and private resources to help prevent critical networks (belonging to both the Government and industry) from being hacked.

Unfortunately that will not happen this legislative session.

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MegaUpload Previously Assisted Prosecutors

We have previously blogged about the Megaupload saga which has affected all its 50 million users with possible data loss and some with prosecution.  And who could forget its larger than life founder Kim Dotcom?  Now comes word that before MegaUpload was being prosecuted by the US Government, it helped the Government prosecute a smaller file sharing service that used MegaUpload’s servers.

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John McAfee Accuses Former Employee of Plot to Kill Him

If nothing else, John McAfee’s blog is an interesting read.  As readers of this blog may remember, Mr. McAfee is suspected by Belizian authorities of murdering his neighbor.  Since that time, Mr. MacAfee has fled, but has blogged the entire time – describing his whereabouts (after the fact).  He has also used his blog to discuss life inside Belize and take shots at some of his critics.  More importantly, Mr. McAfee has used the blog to provide evidence that a former employee was plotting to kill him and then plant explosives at his home.

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Don’t Be Caught Surprised: Internet Law Now Touches Every Aspect of Businesses

What is Internet law?

I get that question a lot.  When you think of it, the Internet and the law the governs has pervaded society over the last ten years and its expansion and this integration will continue.  This will be especially true for businesses – hence the name for this blog.  Below the jump are some examples of common trends and issues:

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Cyber Security Breach Exposes Millions in South Carolina

The words “shocking” and “unprecedented” come to mind – even from a cyber security attorney.  South Carolina’s Department of Revenue suffered a massive cyber security breach that exposed 3.8 million tax returns.  The data retrieved from those tax returns included full social security numbers and bank account information.  When reading about how easy it was for the hacker to gain access to this information, it is as disturbing as it is shocking that South Carolina was so careless in protecting its citizen’s information.  Now millions of South Carolina taxpayers could see their personal information sold to worldwide criminal syndicates, have their credit histories ruined, and suffer a headache that could last a lifetime.  For that pain, South Carolina is offering one free year of credit monitoring (at a cost of $12 million to the state government) and released an information sheet.

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Affiliate Marketers and Affiliate Marketing Companies are Gearing up for Black Friday

The holidays are right around the corner if you can believe it.  With that said, retailers are preparing for another Black Friday.  While the big name stores are getting ready for the onslaught of consumers both in the store on Black Friday and online on Cyber Monday, they aren’t the only ones getting ready for the holiday season.

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