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The attorney in overseeing this website is Eric Crusius.


Centre publishes this website for interested visitors and clients.  The information published is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice and may be considered attorney advertising.  In addition, the opinions expressed herein may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Centre’s other attorneys or employees or its clients.  Depending on where you are reading this blog, please note it may be considered attorney advertising.

Information on This Website

It is possible that the information expressed on this website is incorrect.  We do not recommend taking any specific actions in response to information posted on this website because the information is for general informational purposes only and may not be applicable to your particular situation.  Instead, we recommend you contact an attorney (whether or not that attorney is us) to discuss your specific issue or situation.  We specifically disclaim any liability taken by readers of this website for actions taken in response to reading the contents of this website.

It is also important to note that laws throughout the United States vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  What you read may be applicable to a particular jurisdiction, but not your own jurisdiction.

Attorney-Client Relationship Not Formed

Visiting this website, leaving a comment, or interacting with Centre by receiving or sending information from this website (transmitting data) does not constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship.  Do not send confidential information to Centre or its attorneys until receiving permission to do so.  We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent to Centre via this website.

Comments and Linking to Third-Party Websites

From time to time, users may add comments to content posted on this website.  Centre does not necessarily endorse those comments or any of the links contained therein.  Further, Centre sometimes provides links for further reading or to source material or news stories on this website.  Doing so does not necessarily mean Centre endorses the source of that link, the veracity of the information on the linked website, or the opinions expressed on the linked website.  Centre expressly disclaims all liability associated with any information and/or actions taken as a result of third-party websites linked from this website or comments left on the website.

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